Saturday, November 7, 2009

What A Lady, What A Night!

My oh my! Did Lady Gaga forget to put on her clothes/coat before going out for dinner on a wintry evening?gaga1.<span class=

Her choice of a flimsy get-up is a sorry excuse for one, and leaves little to the imagination.

The Poker Face singer was recently seen at Balans in Soho, London, having dinner with a roomful of diners who must have been thoroughly distracted, to say the least.

As she was leaving the eatery, she was bared to all . Her flimsy lace dress was entirely see-through and her underwear did very little to hide her modesty.

Those present said that the view from behind was, ahem, equally cheeky.

Don't ever hope of seeing her perform in Malaysia though, come rain or shine!

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