Saturday, November 14, 2009

APRC China - Leg 2 Completed

Longyou, China (14 Nov) - Out of the 82 cars that started the rally yesterday, only 34 cars are left after an incident-filled Leg 2 today.

The Proton Satria Neo S2000 in the talented hands of Alister McRae had a great outing today, improving with every stages (9 stages) competed and completed. McRae is obviously enjoying his driving by finishing strongly today and would be gunning for better times tomorrow.

It was also a great day for the Proton R3 Team, as this is the first time since the Satria Neo S2000 made its' debut in the APRC 2009, it has manage to run and complete 2 consecutive days uninterrupted and undamaged whatsoever, and ever improving on its' standing.

The team and McRae would have a great start in the final leg tomorrow, where another 9 stages would be competed, and are looking forward to a splendid flying finish, come rain or shine!

Results: Leg 2 (9 Stages)

01) Cody Crocker (Subaru STi) 2.04:05.7 (2hrs04mins05.7secs)
02) David Higgins (Mitsu Evo9) 2.06:05.7
03) Dean Herridge (Subaru STi) 2.06:45.9
04) Alister McRae (Proton S.Neo) 2.07:42.0
05) Jari Ketoma (Subaru STi) 2.09:56.3
06) Emma Gilmour (Subaru STi) 2.10:03.1
07) Rifat Sungkar (Mitsu Evo9) 2.12:08.9
08) Li Wei (Mitsu Evo9) 2.13:34.5
09) Wei Hongjie (Mitsu Evo9) 2.14:08.8
10) Jusso Valimaki (Mitsu Evo9) 2.15:32.2

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