Saturday, October 31, 2009

No AP So What, Got NAP Mah!

The place: A village in Ulu Selangor.

The people: Ahmad and the village chief.

"Ahmad, why did you fell the durian trees behind your house? Are you going to build another new house there?"

"No, Penghulu, I'm not building a house but a factory!"

"Factory? What kind of factory?"

"Car factory."

"Ahmad, you want to build a car factory right here?"

"Exactly! And it's going to be a factory producing green cars running on bio-fuel. It'll be the first of its kind in Malaysia... no, in the world!"

"Ahmad, you really get me confused. It's weird enough to build a car factory here, let alone a factory of... what colour did you say?"

"Penghulu, you're really behind time lah! This is the latest technology, meaning the cars produced in my plant do not run on petrol."

"Not on petrol. Then on what?"

"I've thought about it. We can use the goreng pisang leftover oil. Don't we have plenty of goreng pisang here? The leftover oil can be used by my cars!"

"Can this kind of oil be made into a fuel for cars? Moreover, it is not even green in colour!"

"Aye! Penghulu. I meant environment-friendly when I said 'green’. The oil is actually palm oil, and could be re-used after goreng pisang. I'm sure it's environment-friendly."

"What made you come up with such a funny idea?"

"The national automotive policy announced by the government yesterday encourages the establishment of environment-friendly car factories. As rakyat we must throw our full support behind the government's initiatives. Moreover, the government is giving out all kinds of incentives for it!"

"It's good to support the government, but do you have the money and know-how?"

"Technology, not yet, but money should not be a problem."

"Not a problem? You're building a car factory, not a workshop!"

"I've done the calculation. With all kinds of loans and incentives, I think five million should be sufficient."

"Five million? you think the government and banks will lend you that money?"

"After cutting these durian trees, I'll fence up the area, and invite a minister and reporters to the launch, and then take the photographs and news reports to get the loan. It's going to be okay!"

"What makes you think the minister and newspapers will believe you?"

"Don't you remember, Penghulu? Last time someone said he invented a car that runs on tap water, and the PM then officiated the launching ceremony and newspapers wrote about it."

"Indeed. But even with the loan secured, how are you going to produce that kind of cars?"

"Penghulu, when I get the five million, I'll go get two Ferraris, one running on petrol, for myself; I'll pour leftover oil into the other one. As for whether it'll run, I'm not sure."

"You're a genius, Mat. Will you take me as your partner?"

By: Tay Tian Yan -

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The M2 Are Back!

The Mean Machines (M2) are back! Into its' third year now, it is dubbed the largest motoring event in Malaysia by organizer Intrenasionale. This year's event as usual would be held at Auto-City, Juru, Seberang Perai on October 31-November 01, 2009.

This two-day event is endorsed by the Penang State Government and would be officially launched by its Chief Minister, YAB Lim Guan Eng at 4:30pm on October 31.

Among the events lined-up for the M2 exhibition are modified car competition, classic car gymkhana, super car charity rides, superbikes and modified 'kapchais'
and the ultimate (no auto show would be complete without them) car queen search, the Miss M2!

More than RM75mil worth of supercars, modified cars, superbikes and classic cars would be showcased and with more than 30 local and international companies exhibiting their their products.

65,000 visitors are expected for the event which is open from noon till midnight and no entrance fee would be charged. So don't miss this event, come rain or shine!

One of participating cars for 'Modified Car Competition'.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Rank Your Favourite Food Contest

Total Oil Malaysia Sdn Bhd is currently having a contest whereby consumers stand a chance of winning the grand prize of RM250,000.00 in cash. Contest entries close on 15 December 2009. So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Total Oil authorized outlet now, or you can choose to visit my favourite:
TEL: 04 332 4978

For more information on contest, go to:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sebastien Loeb Lands Record 6th Consecutive WRC Title

Frenchman Sebastien Loeb has claimed a record sixth successive world rally title on Sunday.

The 35-year-old Citroen driver, who surpassed Finnish great Tommi Makinen's four championships in a row last year, made it six titles on the trot by winning the British round in Cardiff.

Factbox on Sebastien Loeb:

* The 35-year-old Frenchman (born February 26, 1974) was already the only rally driver to have won five titles in a row, having surpassed retired Finnish great Tommi Makinen last year. Makinen was champion from 1996 to 1999.

* Loeb, with co-driver Daniel Elena, has won a record 54 rallies (including Sunday's) in a world championship career that started in 1999. All of his wins have been with Citroen.

* A gymnast before taking up rally driving, he is only the second Frenchman to have won the world title after 1994 champion Didier Auriol.

* Loeb broke his arm in a mountain-biking accident with four races left and while 35 points ahead of the field in the 2006 season. He won that title when his nearest rival, Marcus Gronholm, could only finish fifth in Australia.

* The Citroen driver has been dubbed the 'Michael Schumacher of Rallying', his stranglehold on the sport comparable to that exerted by the German seven-times world champion at his peak in Formula One.

* In 2008 he took a record number of wins in a single season (11), beating his previous best of 10 in 2005. He has won at least three races in every year since 2003, when he almost took the title in his first full season.

* Loeb took his first win in Germany in 2002 after joining Citroen as French rally champion in 2001.

Sebastien Loeb's Looking Good For Title


Loeb heading for record sixth world rally title

Loeb of France and co-driver Daniel Elena of Monaco navigate their Citroen C4 on the Crychan stage of the Rally of Britain in Wales yesterday. — Reuters pic

LONDON, Oct 25 — Citroen's Sebastien Loeb is heading for a record sixth successive world rally championship after ending yesterday's second leg of the title-deciding British round with a lead of more than half a minute.

The Frenchman, who will retain his crown today if he finishes in the points and ahead of Ford's Mikko Hirvonen, ended the penultimate day with a 30.2 second advantage over the second-placed Finn.

Hirvonen had cut Loeb's lead to just 2.9 seconds after a wet and muddy opening stage of the day in South Wales but was powerless to prevent his rival roaring ahead after that.

With just four stages remaining, Loeb looked in complete control while Hirvonen will have to go flat out and take plenty of risks.

The Finn had a one-point lead in the championship ahead of the season-ending race but Loeb has more victories to his credit.

"The rain this morning made the roads good for me. I had plenty of grip," Loeb told the official website at the midday interval.

Hirvonen, chasing his first title, was bewildered by his car's lack of pace and worried that he could be developing similar driveshaft problems to the ones that sidelined his team mates on Friday.

"For some reason I just can't do the times," he said. "I'm trying but it's just not going anywhere.

"In some places the car feels like it's not turning in and it's oversteering. It could be the driveshaft. I don't know.

"I have a lot to do now. I have to keep pushing, that's for sure."

The rally ends in Cardiff today.

Imagine, Truly 1World

In 1992, I wrote a book titled Towards Globalisation. I did not realise at the time that this was going to be the history of my family.

Last week, we celebrated the wedding of my daughter, Pallavi. A brilliant student, she had won scholarships to Oxford University and the London School of Economics. In London, she met Julio, a young man from Spain. The two decided to take up jobs in Beijing, China. Last week, they came over from Beijing to Delhi to get married. The wedding guests included 70 friends from North America, Europe and China.

That may sound totally global, but arguably my elder son Shekhar has gone further. He too won a scholarship to Oxford University, and then taught for a year at a school in Colombo. Next he went to Toronto, Canada, for higher studies. There he met a German girl, Franziska.

They both got jobs with the International Monetary Fund in Washington DC, USA. This meant that they constantly travelled on IMF business to disparate countries. Shekhar advised and went on missions to Sierra Leone, Seychelles, Kyrgyzstan and Laos. Franziska went to Rwanda, Tajikistan, and Russia. They interrupted these perambulations to get married in late 2003.
My younger son, Rustam, is only 15. Presumably he will study in Australia, marry a Nigerian girl, and settle in Peru.

No toilets nor running water

Readers might think that my family was born and bred in a jet plane. The truth is more prosaic. Our ancestral home is Kargudi, a humble, obscure village in Tanjore district, Tamil Nadu. My earliest memories of it are as a house with no toilets, running water, or pukka road.

When we visited, we disembarked from the train at Tanjore, and then travelled 45 minutes by bullock cart to reach the ancestral home. My father was one of six children, all of whom produced many children (I myself had three siblings). So, two generations later, the size of the Kargudi extended family (including spouses) is over 200. Of these, only three still live in the village. The rest have moved across India and across the whole world, from China to Arabia to Europe to America.

This one Kargudi house has already produced 50 American citizens. So, dismiss the mutterings of those who claim that globalisation means westernisation. It looks more like Aiyarisation, viewed from Kargudi.

What does this imply for our sense of identity? I cannot speak for the whole Kargudi clan, which ranges from rigid Tamil Brahmins to beef-eating, pizza-guzzling, hip-hop dancers. But for me, the Aiyarisation of the world does not mean Aiyar domination. Nor does it mean Aiyar submergence in a global sea. It means acquiring multiple identities, and moving closer to the ideal of a brotherhood of all humanity. I remain quite at home sitting on the floor of the Kargudi house on a mat of reeds, eating from a banana leaf with my hands. I feel just as much at home eating noodles in China, steak in Spain, teriyaki in Japan and cous-cous in Morocco. I am a Kargudi villager, a Tamilian, a Delhi-wallah, an Indian, a Washington Redskins fan, and a citizen of the world, all at the same time and with no sense of tension or contradiction.

When I see the Brihadeeswara Temple in Tanjore, my heart swells and I say to myself “This is mine.” I feel exactly the same way when I see the Church of Bom Jesus in Goa, or the Jewish synagogue in Cochin, or the Siddi Sayed mosque in Ahmedabad: these too are mine. I have strolled so often through the Parks at Oxford University and along the canal in Washington, DC, that they feel part of me. As my family multiplies and intermarries, I hope one day to look at the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona and Rhine river in Germany and think, “These too are mine.”

john-lennon.jpgWe Aiyars have a taken a step toward the vision of John Lennon. Imagine there's no country, It isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for, And no religion too.

Shackles of religion loosened

My father's generation was the first to leave the village, and loosen its regional shackles. My father became a chartered accountant in Lahore, an uncle became a hotel manager in Karachi, and we had an aunt in Rangoon.

My generation loosened the shackles of religion. My elder brother married a Sikh, my younger brother married a Christian, and I married a Parsi. The next generation has gone a step further, marrying across the globe. Globalisation for me is not just the movement of goods and capital, or even of Aiyars. It is a step towards Lennon's vision of no country.

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope one day you'll join us. And the world will be one.

This is written by Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyer, about himself. It was published in The Times of India.

Coffee, Anyone?

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Researchers in the United States have found another good reason to go to the local espresso bar: several cups of coffee a day could halt the progression of liver disease, a study showed Wednesday.

Sufferers of chronic hepatitis C and advanced liver disease who drank three or more cups of coffee per day slashed their risk of the disease progressing by 53 percent compared to patients who drank no coffee, the study led by Neal Freedman of the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) showed.

For the study, 766 participants enrolled in the Hepatitis C Antiviral Long-Term Treatment against Cirrhosis (HALT-C) trial -- all of whom had hepatitis C which had not responded to treatment with anti-viral drugs -- were asked to report how many cups of coffee they drank every day.

The patients were seen every three months during the 3.8-year study and liver biopsies were taken at 1.5 and 3.5 five years to determine the progression of liver disease.

"We observed an inverse association between coffee intake and liver disease progression," meaning patients who drank three or more cups of java were less likely to see their liver disease worsen than non-drinkers, wrote the authors of the study, which will be published in the November issue of Hepatology.

The researchers put forward several ways in which coffee intake might protect against liver disease, including by reducing the risk of type two diabetes, which has been associated with liver illness; or by reducing inflammation, which is thought to cause fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver.

Even caffeine, the chemical that gives a cup of coffee its oomph, came under the spotlight, having been found in previous studies to inhibit liver cancer in rats.

But drinking black or green tea, which also contain caffeine, had little impact on the progression of liver disease, although there were few tea drinkers in the study.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) three to four million people contract hepatitis C each year.

Seventy percent of cases become chronic and can cause cirrhosis or liver cancer.


By Admin:

The above report certainly did justice to my passion for coffee (espc. Nescafe Gold). My average is 3 cups/glasses a day, either hot or iced. Now for a cuppa, come rain or shine!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Todt Elected FIA President

Ex-Ferrari F1 team chief, French Jean Todt, flanked by his companion actress Michele Yeoh arrives for the election of a new president of the International Automobile Association (FIA) in Paris. The Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) elected Todt as its president, the most powerful post in motorsport.Ex-Ferrari F1 team chief, French Jean Todt, flanked by his companion actress Michele Yeoh arrives for the election of a new president of the International Automobile Association (FIA) in Paris. The Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) elected Todt as its president, the most powerful post in motorsport.

Ex-Ferrari boss Datuk Jean Todt was elected on Friday to the most powerful post in motorsport as president of the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

The 63-year-old Frenchman won the FIA general assembly vote against former world rally champion Ari Vatanen of Finland.

Todt succeeds the controversial (sex scandal) Briton Max Mosley who has been in the hotseat for 16 years.

Although the new president will oversee motorsport in general, it is the marquee sport of Formula One and its future which will dominate the new agenda with Todt, who had the backing of Mosley and was tipped to win the election at FIA headquarters in Paris.

Here's hoping for better days for motorsports, come rain or shine!

Monday, October 19, 2009

To Forgive Is Divine

Tyson patches up with Holyfield

CHICAGO - The long-running feud between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield is over – if the very public display of reconciliation is to be believed.

The former boxing champions made peace in a live episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, on Friday 15 October.

Tyson was quick to praise his former rival: “This is a beautiful guy. I just want you to know it’s just been a pleasure being acquainted with you.”

Tyson also took the opportunity to shake hands with Holyfield several times. tyson2.jpg

They last met in their world title fight in Las Vegas on June 28, 1997.

Tyson came to the ring without his gumshield in the third round of the fight and bit Holyfield’s right ear, tearing off a piece.

He was disqualified and banned from boxing in the United States. The duo developed a feud and had not spoken to each other since until the show on Friday night.

Holyfield, who required surgery to repair his ear, took discussion of the incident in good stride. When Winfrey asked if he was still missing part of the ear, he said: “Just a little bit.”

Tyson admitted on the show that his initial apology to Holyfield was insincere but did not offer another.

Holyfield said he had bitten his siblings during childhood fights. “I’m the person who bit every brother in my family.”

On a serious note, Holyfield said his meeting with Tyson was to show young people that making peace was always a way out of a spiral of violence.

Tyson’s troubled childhood did not stop him from becoming the youngest ever world champion at 20, come rain or shine!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Perodua MPV

Some fantastic behind-the-curtain shots of the soon-to-be-launched Perodua's MPV.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jumping Jumbuck

Vehicle Crash Report

Proton Jumbuck

Overall: 8.39 out of 37

1 Star
Crash Image
Variant: GLi
Kerb Weight: 1050 kg
Year: 2009
Engine: 1.5
Category: Utility
Airbags: No airbags
Risk Notes

High Risk of life-threatening injury in offset test and chest injury in side impact test.

Model History & Safety

The tested model of Proton Jumbuck was introduced in Australia during 2003. Proton Cars Australia has advised ANCAP that this model is being discontinued. The Jumbuck has minimal safety features. There are no top tether anchorages for child restraints so this vehicle is unsuitable for transporting young children.

Overall Evaluation

1 star. The Jumbuck scored 1 out of 16 in the offset crash test. The passenger compartment was severely deformed. Protection from head injury was poor for the driver and passenger. Driver leg protection was also poor. The vehicle scored 7.39 out of 16 in the side impact crash test.
There was a high risk of life-threatening chest injury for
the driver.

Frontal Offset Crash Test

Body region scores out of 4 points each: Head/neck zero pts, chest 2 pts, upper legs zero pts, lower legs zero pts.
The passenger compartment was severely deformed in the offset crash test. The brake pedal moved rearwards by 349 mm and downwards 9mm. The steering wheel hub moved 206 mm rearward, 66 mm upward and 45 mm sideways. The front ("A") pillar moved 312 mm rearwards. The driver's door lost structural integrity during the crash, exposing the driver to extra risk during secondary impacts. After the crash the driver’s door could be opened with high manual effort. The driver dummy legs had to be dismantled for extrication as they were trapped by the vehicle deformation.
The driver's head struck the steering wheel and top of the instrument panel and injury measurements indicated a high risk of serious head injury. Steering column and dash components were a potential source of injury for the driver's knees. There was no sign of a passenger head contact.

Side Impact Crash Test

Body region scores out of 4 points each: Head 4 pts, chest zero pts, abdomen 0.11 pts, pelvis 3.28 pts.
Injury measurements indicated a high risk of serious chest injury. Abdomen protection was weak.

Injury Measurements
Offset Crash Test at 64km/hSide Impact Crash Test at 50km/h
Viscous Criterion0.220.120.62
Upper Legs
Force Left10.860.38
Force Right5.471.7
Knee Displ. Left13.050.39
Knee Displ. Right5.897.07
Lower Legs
Force Left2.830.17
Force Right4.551.03
Index Left (Up/Low)0.79/0.980.22/0.17
Index Right (Up/Low)1.71/0.590.42/0.34

Bonus Points (Maximum 5)

Pole Test: Not eligible Seat Belt Reminders: None

Modifiers - Offset Test Scores
HeadSteer column displace1 pt deduction
ChestA-pillar displace/loss of cabin structure2 pt deduction
Upper LegVariable & Conc. Loading2 pt deduct L&R
Lower LegNo deduction
Foot ScorePedal displace & footwell ruptureScore zero pts

Modifiers - Side Impact Test Scores
ChestBackplate & T12 loads2 pt deduction
Upper LegNone
Lower LegNone
Foot ScoreNone

Pedestrian Rating
2 StarDefault points were awarded for the windscreen and upper leg area. Most tested points were poor.
Child head impacts 2
Adult head impacts 5
Upper leg impacts 4
Lower leg impacts Zero
Total (out of 36) 11

Version 4, Published on: 29-Sep-09
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