Friday, November 13, 2009

APRC China - Action Begins

Longyou, China (12Nov) - The Service Park stretches almost 1km with a total of 82 cars, of which 51 would be competing in the APRC category.

For the folks here in Longyou town, everyone knows about this rally and considered a big event to them. The whole town is engulfed in a carnival atmosphere.

At the Service Park, the service tents are connected to their respective Support & Hospitality trucks.

The temperature forecasted for today and tomorrow would be between 12-16 degrees Celsius. The sky is gloomy and sun can't be seen at all.

Reconnaissance for the rally was just over. Conditions are slippery due to rain and most of the stages are through narrow, winding, hilly terrains with very dangerous killer cliffs. A mistake would see the car and occupants taking a deep plunge down the ravine, some of which are over 100 metres deep.

On the bright side though, the superb talent of Alister McRae piloting the Proton Satria Neo S2000 shod by Silverstone's wide mud tyres providing maximum traction, Team Proton is doing pretty well.

The Shakedown event will start later today at 4:00pm local time (similar to Malaysia's), come rain or shine!

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