Monday, April 27, 2009

RPK's Call For Boycott Of Mamaks

Whenever one speaks or thinks about Mamaks, the first thing that comes to mind is inevitably nasi kandar. Nasi kandar has been synonymous with Mamaks for so long (especially in Penang Island) that one is not wrong for thinking so. But then, there are more to Mamaks than just nasi kandar. The Mamak community has established themselves in other businesses as well, notably in money-changing, mini-marts and jewellery shops, just to name a few. Quite recently, Mamaks have even ventured into the budget-hotel business. From these, we can gather that Mamaks are an enterprising and business-savvy lot.

So, the call by RPK to boycott Mamaks, based on actions of a few NGOs associated to Mamaks, is..........timely? "NO! NO! NO!", so says NutzeyWagen. He has been boycotting everything associated with Mamaks soon after the March08 GE, when the call for a boycott was first made. He has even refrained from any business dealings with Mamaks (what's losing a few hundreds or thousands of RMs by sticking to his action compared to those that don't?). Now there has been talks of a third round of boycott.....WAIT! WHAT IS THIS? A THIRD ROUND? There shouldn't be any third round. There is only ONE ROUND! The boycott should be an on-going process since day one when the boycott was first called for. Oh! All you HYPOCRITES! Yes, you heard right! Those that purportedly supported the boycott are mostly hypocrites. On one hand they supported the boycott, but on the other they PATRONISED the Mamaks' outlets. Yes, some who purportedly supported the call for boycott had been seen patronising Mamaks' outlets especially the nasi kandar outlets. If that is not HYPOCRITICAL, then tell me what is?
Then there are those who only boycotted the Mamaks when the issue is hot, but once things cooled down, they are back at the Mamaks in droves. Aaarrrrrggh..........!!! (Hangat-hangat tahi ayam, they are). Those guilty of these facts know who and what they are. What happened to your resolves? Where are your conscience?
As it is, the Mamaks are now even brazenly threatening to withdraw their support for BN unless the Mamaks are given a Senatorship. (NST, Monday, April 27, 2009, Page 13) But then, that's a matter for BN to resolve. We'll wait and see what happens.

In conclusion, is NutzeyWagen's and like-minded people's all year round, come rain or shine boycott of everything under the sky that are Mamaks', an act in futility? CIAO!

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  1. Pordah to all you umno wannabe mamaks. Go sumwhere else to make noise lah. Dont kacau us malaysians.