Friday, April 17, 2009

Proton Ridiculed

Once again, the issue of Proton being ridiculed has cropped up again. This time round the culprit is from the British motoring show Top Gear with its' equally British host, the lop-sided, twisted-brain, British-superiority Jeremy Clarkson. As far as my mind serves me, TG/JC had been ridiculing and mocking car marques from outside the EU, making disparaging remarks with their twisted so-called British-superior minds since time immaterial. Now come on, can all these marques from outside the EU be that bad till they don't even warrant an accolade or two, a pat on the back for a job well done? Well, that seems to be the case with TG/JC, reserving praises and thumbs-up only for those marques from the EU and nary a good word for those outside of it. Oh, lest I forget, JC really hates Chevrolet, Dodge and Chrysler, all American marques. By all means, criticise if need be, but praise where praise is due; not criticise for the sake of criticising, as is now.

Click the link below for the ridiculous comments:

Now comes the inevitable question. Are British car marques any better from those outside the EU? Better in terms of safety, technology, reliability, maintenance cost, affordability, accountability, sustainability etc? A question that begs to be asked, "Who owns Lotus today?".

Now back to TG/JC. All said and done, I must admit that I really enjoy their show shown on air and found it... interesting, to say the least. Really! I love how they make monkeys out of themselves, their twisted-no-brain craps, fumbling with latest gadgets (and at times not so latest ones), with their equally twisted-no-brain audience (obviously British too) lapping up each and every stupid and ridiculous 'noise' made. Ponder on it! They might be taught a lesson yet, come rain or shine. CIAO!

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