Friday, October 16, 2009

First Malaysian In Space

Dr M was about to send the first Malaysian man into space.

Three potential astronauts were called for an interview - one Indian, one Malay and one Chinese.

Dr M interviewed the Indian first: "So, Kumar, this is a dangerous mission ... how much do you think you should be paid for it?"

Kumar thought for a while and said, "One million ringgit."

"Why so much?" asked Dr M.

"Nowadays toddy very expensive, Sir..." replied Kumar.

"I see," said Dr M. "Thank you... please ask the Malay guy to come here."

So the Malay walked up, and was asked the same question.

"Uh... Dua million boleh lah," replied Ahmad, the Malay applicant.

"Dua million? That's a lot of money! Even the aneh before you only asked for one million!"

"You see, Dr," explained Ahmad. "I have four wives and 15, 20 of us in the family, we need a lot of money to support ourselves..."

"I see," said Dr M. "Okay, can you ask the Chinese guy to come in now?"

The Chinese guy came in and Dr M asked, "Ah Kow, this is a dangerous mission ... how much do you think you should be paid?"

Ah Kow thought for a while, and suddenly said, "Three million."

Dr M was shocked. "WHAT!!! Three million? Why so much?!"

Ah Kow beckoned Dr M to come closer, and whispered,

"One million you keep, one million I keep, and then one more million to send the aneh into space."

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