Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiti's Devastating Earthquake 2

Sisters cry after visiting the home where their mother lies buried after the earthquake in Port-au-Prince.

Bodies lie in a makeshift morgue at the main hospital in Port au Prince. They were eventually loaded by bulldozers and trucks and taken to a mass grave.

Haitians cover their faces at a makeshift morgue at the main hospital in Port au Prince.

A man prepares to have his leg amputated in a makeshift triage center in Port-au-Prince..

A man receives treatment at a makeshift triage center.

A destroyed area of Port-au-Prince

A Spanish rescuer with 2-year-old Redjeson Hausteen Claude after he was rescued from a collapsed home in Port-au-Prince.

Bodies outside the morgue in Port-au-Prince.

A Haitian man shows the picture of his missing daughter at the patio of the Port-au-Prince General Hospital.

A doctor of the Chinese emergency rescue team treats an injured child in Port-au-Prince.

A security guard holds back passengers trying to enter the Port-au-Prince airport two days after a powerful earthquake struck.

A man carries an injured woman past a destroyed building in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince on Thursday, Jan. 14.

Rescuers attempt to free trapped students and teachers from the rubble of the St. Gerard Technical School in Port-au-Prince on Thursday. Some of those trapped have called for help on their cell phones, local residents say.

A man sits on a coffin intended for the body of his mother, which has on Thursday had not yet been recovered from the rubble of her Port-au-Prince home.

Cindy Terasme cries after seeing the feet of her dead 14-year-old brother, Jean Gaelle Dersmorne, sticking out of the rubble of the collapsed St. Gerard School on Thursday.

A police officer guards a man accused of trying to steal food from a market in Port-au-Prince on Thursday.

A police officer watches as residents grab food Thursday in Port-au-Prince.

An upended vehicle appears precariously balanced on its hood near central Port-au-Prince on Thursday.

Quake wreckage is seen from the air in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in this U.N. handout photo made available on Thursday.

A resident stands next to hundreds of dead bodies outside General Hospital in Port-au-Prince on Thursday. Pick-up trucks piled with corpses continued to deliver the dead from the earthquake to a morgue there.

Two men carry a coffin through the streets of Port-au-Prince on Thursday.

An injured earthquake survivor grimaces as she receives treatment at a medical clinic at U.N. mission in Haiti's logistics base on Wednesday, Jan. 13.

A body is bent double in the rubble of a home in Port-au-Prince destroyed by the massive earthquake on Thursday.

Roselyn Joseph cries over the body of her daughter, Emanuela Aminise on Thursday in Port-au-Prince.

Christopher Holmes from the Fairfax County Urban Search and Rescue searches for survivors in the rubble of a building on Thursday in Port-au-Prince.

A Haitian girl rests Thursday after receiving treatment at an ad hoc medical clinic.

People gaze at a destroyed building in Port-au-Prince on Thursday. Survivors of the quake were using sledgehammers and their bare hands to try to find victims in the rubble.

Haitians and peacekeepers from the United Nations Stabilization Mission In Haiti (MINUSTAH) load an injured woman into a helicopter in Port au Prince on Thursday. Much needed international aid in the form of food, medicine and other supplies were only beginning to trickle into the country.

A woman sits at an open camp area on Thursday in Port-au-Prince.

An aerial photo shows survivors gathered around bodies in Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince on Jan. 14.

A resident carries food away from a market in downtown Port-au-Prince on Thursday.

A woman walks among debris in Port-au-Prince on Thursday.

An injured earthquake survivor gets her hair done in a makeshift shelter in Port-au-Prince on Thursday.

Haitians congregate in impromptu tent cities in Port-au-Prince after the worst earthquake to hit the island in over 200 years.

See an interactive, high-definition picture of Port-au-Prince from the GeoEye satellite.

Men remove the body of a young woman from the rubble, in Port-au-Prince.

Source: msnbc

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