Saturday, December 5, 2009

Chin Peng - The Secret Weapon

When NST carried the solemn thought of Roger Tan “Tell your dad ‘I love you’ now before it’s too late for that” I could not yet fathom the contents.

“Since he came over here in 1947, he only went back to China once in 1983. That trip meant a lot to him because he had always wanted to make this ‘pilgrimage’ to fulfill his wish and duty by paying his belated respects to his departed parents”.

Watching drama serials ‘the little nyonya’ had somehow helped me understand some of the customs and traditions of the Chinese.

Inevitably, it also made me understand why Chin Peng had desperately wanted to pay respects to his late parents, just as what Tan Sue Yong, the missing father of Roger Tan did in 1983.

What are hard for me to digest are the contradicting statements by no less than the Deputy President of UMNO.

“Chin Peng won’t be forgiven for waging war against Malaya and then Malaysia. As of now, there is no forgiveness for you (tiada maaf bagimu).” So steadfast was his conviction that no one would ever imagine the same person would, a few days later, contradict himself by calling on us to “appreciate the spirit of ‘qurban’ or sacrifice”.

But then, what can we expect from politicians?

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