Sunday, September 13, 2009

CSL's 2 Faces & 1 Evil Agenda


-to become the Mca president

By I Love Malaysia

Face 1 - Who were those behind the "Topple Ong Ka Ting" group? Theng Bok and Wong Leong were key leaders. Who was the mastermind of the group? It was the same person who hated Ong Ka Ting, and blamed OKT for being the one behind the DVD secret recording.
Face 2 - Who are those behind the "Topple Ong Tee Keat" group now? Also Theng Bok and Wong Leong- the same group, now with help from Tan Chai Ho, Loh Seng Kok, etc. Will the "Topple MCA president " stop only when CSL himself becomes the president?
Face 1 - CSL said this was the first time an MCA president called for an EGM. ( )
Face 2 - He forgot that Ling Liong Sik had also called for one to resolve the Nanyang controversy in 2001, following the Team A- Team B split. He obviously forgot that Lim Ah Lek had blamed CSL for being the "hair that broke the camel's back" in the infamous "Batu Pahat Incident", resulting in the formation of Team A-Team B.
Face 1 - CSL said the MCA disciplinary board has always been headed by the deputy president. Now, it is headed by a veteran, an ex-lawyer, Ng Cheng Kiat.
Face 2 - He forgot that just a few years ago, it was also headed by a veteran and ex-lawyer, Tan Sri Kam Woon Wah. In fact, CSL was in the central committee which endorsed the formation of the then disciplinary panel.
Face 1 - He said he should lead Johor MCA, not the president OTK.
Face 2 - Being a Johor old hand, he "forgot" that since Tan Sri Lee San Choon, ALL successive presidents have led the State at one time or another.
Face 1 - In the afternoon of August 18, 2009, the MCA central committee, which met in JB, endorsed two resolutions - to support OTK's efforts to probe PKFZ and to back the president in lodging police reports into the case.
Face 2 - On the same night, CSL held a press conference in KL to say that OTK should not drag the MCA into the PKFZ issue, although he had attended the said CC meeting a few hours earlier. What a hypocrite! He obviously doesn't want his cosy relationship with Tiong King Sing compromised. They both want to get rid of OTK.
Face 1 - On March 1, 2009 after the MCA 60th anniversary celebrations, OTK and CSL at the joint-media conference said they could work well with each other.
Face 2 - Less than an hour later, CSL held another press conference at the same venue and complained that he "could not feel the warmth from the president". Can you trust this man to say and do the right things in Cabinet despite whatever public pledges he's made?
Face 1 - In January 2008, he said he would resign as Minister, from all party post and as MP following the revelations of his sex DVD.
Face 2 - Now, he said he did not resign as MP. He knew then if he did, he would be barred from being an MP for five years, effectively shutting any possibility of him making a comeback. Can you trust such a man who lies so easily?
Face 1 - CSL complained of being snubbed for the Ministerial post.
Face 2 - He knew that to be a Minister, he must be a Senator (because he did not stand in the last election). So when the central committee in early 2009 tabled a motion on who to fill up the MCA quota, he did not suggest himself, although he was present at the meeting. Neither did his supporters in the CC nominate him. CSL himself let his Ministerial chance slipped pass.
Face 1 - In his blog, CSL tries to play hero, seemingly speaking up against Umno and bringing up populist issues like ISA and public health care.
Face 2 - He keeps running to PM Najib complaining of not being made a minister, Johor chairman and head of the disciplinary board panel. Do you trust a man who's beholden to Umno to speak up on issues affecting the Chinese if he becomes MCA president? He will squeal like a mouse the moment Umno dangles the 377b (offence for oral sex) in his face each time he attempts to speak up. Several police reports have already been lodged. Offenders are liable to whipping and a jail term of up to 20 years. Jail term and whipping or play along with Umno? It's a no-brainer.
By Admin: Another 9 damning reasons why MCA should 'close shop' asap. Even if they are too 'thick-skinned' to do so, inevitably, comes the next GE they would be sent into oblivion, come rain or shine! CIAO!

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  1. Richard,
    Totally agree with analysis. Chinese voters are already in motion to put PR into Putrajaya next GE, as shown by all by-election wins in Semenanjung post 308, and MCA's still groping in the dark.

    As research shows, once credibility is gone, further promotion of oneself is an exercise in futility. BN's going thru process - then, sudden death next GE(an extension of 308!)