Monday, August 3, 2009

Proxy Website To Get Round Censorship


Help Others Get Around Internet Censorship in Malaysia


Please share this with everyone you think might be interested in surfing the Internet freely in Malaysia. Many of you probably already know this website has been blocked in Malaysia because of embarrassing things that have been posted of several government officials in the country. Now a lot of Malaysian people are emailing and messaging me on Facebook and Yahoo IM asking what happened to the site and want to know how to regain access. So you will be doing me and your fellow countrymen a huge favor by spreading the word. Here is a short message I want you to copy and paste everywhere, you can put it on your Facebook pages, Myspace, Friendster profiles, LiveJournal and/or websites:

This is how to view all websites and get around the Internet censorship in Malaysia. First you need to find a proxy site, then go to it and enter the blog's URL = in the blank field then press enter. Here is a short list of proxy sites: or or or or or

If you know anyone that might be interested in using the web proxy way around censorship in Malaysia, please send them the above message in an email. It would be great if other bloggers post this message as well and offer other tips on getting around Internet censorship.

Many people in Malaysia have already figured out a way around the latest move of the Malaysian government against this blog but many others are still in the dark.Help shine a light their way and give them a heads up on web proxies along with other methods of getting around the blocking of this blog of the gov. with the help of ISP (Internet service providers) Streamyx. There are still private ISP in Malaysia that have not caved into the pressure from the politicians and blocked the Gutter Uncensored. Please consider switching from Streamyx to another ISP if you can! Admin

Thank you!

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