Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Circus Is In Town

The clowns congregate here and there and everywhere, doing what they do best, entertaining the masses with their silly antics for the whole world to see. The Ringmasters cracked their whips and the specially-trained mongrels (to detect anything black) are let loose to do their stunts, pouncing on anyone in black within distance, and their haul were quite hefty. Next, the musclemen took centre-stage and showed off how much load they can drag and carry. They must have also been trained to detect black for they dragged and carried off a guy in black! Ama...zing! The standing ovation given was thunderous and the cheers deafening up to a point when even the emcee's microphone and loud-speakers were rendered useless. Yup! The Circus is in town, and it is here to stay! From the reception it received, there is no definite time set for it to wrap up soon just yet. If things were to get too hot under the big-top, well, there are 'water-machines' placed outside prepared to cool things down. Now get this. The best of it all is that the biggest Circus now performing in Malaysia is, come rain or shine .......... FREE FOR ALL! CIAO!

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